Gucci Guilty Absolute




Absolute Pour Femme: the revolution of emancipated love


When I read Alessandro Michele’s inspiration about the new contemporary women’s fragrance Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme, I was astonished how consistent my personal view of redefining love filled with romance and absolute freedom was with his campaign. The idea of having a personal love all your own; free from society’s idealistic rules and challenging gender norms, which has been grown organically in my relationships. Representing a masculine presenting female, I embody the non-traditional woman of the modern world. Even the idea of gender as a whole is somehow lost with the definition of Marcia. There is no female, there is no male; there is only absolute love that fills my soul and pours out in the world. The romantic passion that encompasses my heart has a special place for one. The evolution of our love is only understood with time and the two-people willing to take on the limitless voyage.

This fragrance provides a light and sensual smell on both sides Pour Femme and Pour Homme, where either bottle may reflect my mood and ultimately express my journey of gender non-conformity. The essence of the fragrance includes three hero ingredients: BlackBerry, Bulgarian Rose, and Goldenwood.

Pour Femme and Pour Homme is a pair of fragrances that complements on one another, representing the masculinity and femininity that is shared among our idea of an intellectually liberated love. I enjoyed creating the mood and reflection of the feminine environment with the masculine wardrobe for the brand photography with the Gucci Guilty Absolute fragrances.

There is no one absolute way to wear the fragrance.
There is no one absolute way to love.
There is no one absolute way to connect.