Joshua Tree National Park

I was given the opportunity to shoot at Joshua Tree National Park, located in the southern part of California. It was a minor detour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The first thought that came to mind was U2's iconic 1987 album The Joshua Tree. The band members photographed their album cover where two deserts collide, the Mojave and the Colorado Desert. The Joshua tree is the largest of the yuccas, which only seems to grow in the Mojave Desert. It’s a unique place that touched a haunted part of my soul; a place to be lost and found at the same time. My mind was forced to be still and quiet as I walked down the paved single-lane roadway. The heat from the sun bared down hard; nothing like Florida heat where you are drenched in sweat after a few minutes. This was dry heat yet my skin was feeling burnt before I could even walk two steps. We found a few shaded trees to take breaks in between photography sets. We watched our steps around all the mysterious holes in the ground. It was like a mine field. The big blue sky didn't even look real; even in this photos. It was a pretty amazing sight.



Vest Jacket

D President Attire


Express White Jeans


Marc Anthony


Prescription Aviators



This is a place where life grows in the harshest conditions. Before my trip to Las Vegas and before I was even inspired by menswear, I looked back and considered this a moment of clarity before my mind storm. Bono and Edge of U2 certainly found something they were looking for. I was searching for nothing and found everything. No one realizes the impact of an experience until they reflect back and place the pieces together. In the desert, I found more reasons to try something new, create a new world, and leap off the rocks without a care in the world. The best feelings come when the future is unknown. 

I decided to pull together Mr. President's (David President is his name) camo-green vest with a pair of traditional white jeans for this look. David is a local men’s fashion designer, with pieces that will either make you look casual, or iconic. He’s one of the few designers I’ve met with such a wide array of looks. The zipper vest is one of mine. The tailored fit wraps around the waist and even has a plastic buckle similar to the one on backpacks. The black suede boots were essential to the Mojave Desert style. The white jeans bring this look into a more fashionable style that sets it apart from just a military inspired outfit. For more styles by David President, check out his website D President Attire


Photography: Debbie Lemonte