SuitSupply - Hyde Park Village

On August 26, 2016,  Suitsupply opened its first store in the Tampa Bay area in Hyde Park Village. As Tampa's market has increasingly shifted into a significant growth mode, this suiting store is just what the city needed for a clean wardrobe to match its ongoing economic growth. 

I drove right by the store along Swann Ave. It was pouring, as the typical 5 o'clock rain storm hit Hyde Park Village. I thought of just coming back another day; but I pulled around the corner and parked to wait out the storm. And oh my, was I glad I did. As I stepped in the store, I felt as if I transcended into a wardrobe that only existed in my most colorful dreams. The imagery of the suited faceless men all over the store perfectly set the mood for the store's new marketing campaign, The Rocket Man. The campaign featured Suitsupply models with various portions of space shuttle rockets, some even shot at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. 

The signature rainbow tie wall gives you an almost unlimited amount of choices. Orange and grey mannequins are placed all over the store, each showcasing the styles to provide customer inspiration. Simplicity was all around, clean lines and strategically placed patterns exuded control and confidence throughout the store. I enjoyed my experience with the sales associates and their attention to detail for each article of clothing. I will be shopping here for my next suit; considering my small frame limits me from major department stores. Plus, there is a tailor right in the middle of the store, reach out to Mr. Steve Corrodus! Because tailoring goes hand in hand for that perfect fit. That is my secret; only tailored suits photograph well.

Suitsupply is an international brand with a focus on craftsmanship with flair, fashion without compromise. This is the best way to buy your first suit without breaking the bank at the higher ends stores; believe me when I tell you that you will feel as powerful as can be in suit. 


Special thanks to Tampa's Suit Supply Store for the invitation to their Grand Opening in Hyde Park Village.