Liberty Fairs

I was recruited through social media (Instagram) to join fashion bloggers Sara Geffrard, A Dapper Chick, and Danielle Cooper, She's A Gent, at the Liberty Fairs located at the Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas. This inspiring design-driven menswear trade show opened my eyes to a lifestyle that I had already been living. The acknowledgement of so many creative souls was nothing short of a miracle in the making. My exposure to the fashion-curating world was just the boost I needed. Modeling had become exciting and soul-searching; but I was looking for more.

As an unconventionally masculine female model, I personally received a huge amount of support and encouragement at the event. From the sales/marketing staff of the brands to the Liberty Fairs staff, and all the other "menswear" influencers at the trade show. I was astonished at how creative Sara and Danielle were and what they brought to the table. Being a part of a group of female bloggers and photographers in our OWN studio at the menswear event gave me a sensation that we were influencing a part of history. I was humbled and I was proud.

The response from spectators and staff at the event was interesting. Some walked by in wonder, as the "GIRLS" backdrop was up; others took the time to read what the "Studios" intro had to say; and some were all about it and walked in to say hello and provide much encouragement. A GQ Insider representative stepped in offering huge support to Sara's blog. Many other brands came by our studio after images were being posted live from the event. They wanted to hear more about our own personal stories.

The amount of personal influence we had at the event helped me see that women are killing it as influencers in the men's fashion world. That's when all my lights went ON and I came home to start the journey of what The Alvarado Experience would become. A legacy to share my ideas, design, style, and hopes for the future.