Styles by Phillip Reed





Here is a collaboration between a New York stylist and Cleveland based photographer with a Florida model; the outcome is just a unique Lookbook of street style that will inspire you. Phillip Reed, a personal stylist, loves to play with gender within fashion and finds ways of presenting interesting combinations that I never would have chosen. But looking at these images, I realize that I have seen more opportunity to create new ways of expressing myself. My good friend Rosita, whom you might have remembered for her photography in my Brooklyn Bridge blog post, called me the morning of September 11th with an opportunity. She asked if I was willing to step in and model for this shoot. The model who canceled on these two creative minds really missed out. It was an interesting day, walking around the memorial on the day the earth stood still just years before. But there was something magical and I could feel it in the air. Hope.

Rosita has always been a joy to be around; but I was especially happy to work with her on this day because it was her BIRTHDAY! Bet you didn't see that one coming. There was no better way to create new memories for this day than to capture the essence of fashion and photography. Phillip and Rosita were testing the waters together for this shoot and I have to say, it was a pleasure to just be a part of this day. Minutes later, I raced to LaGuardia to catch a flight back to Tampa. 



PHOTOGRAPHY:      Rosita Candid Ready Photography

Look 1:
White w/ stars - Banana Republic
Grey coat - Oskar (Oskar the label)
Leather pants - Tomorrowland
Velvet shorts - Vera Wang
Aviators Sunglasses
Shoes  - Saint Laurent

Look 2:
Top - Tomorrowland
Bomber - Tomorrowland
Pants - Lookbook store
Shoes - Sonoma

Look 3:
Top - Tomorrowland
Sweater - Tomorrowland
Pants - True Religion
Shoes - H&M