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Tampa Art Museum

There is nothing more beautiful than attending an event where all you feel is love all around you. From the artistic beauty to the creative fashion to people just being who they are inside and out. I felt love all night at the CITY Fashion+Art+Culture event held at the Tampa Art Museum on Friday, October 6th, 2017, an annual fundraiser for the Tampa Art Museum.

Susanne Bartsch brought New York City nightlife into her endearing club kids lifestyle. Filled with glamour, color, art and statement-making culture. During a downturn in the early 1980s, she extended her brand with weekly parties in NYC that started re-defining costumes and fashion as one. But what was more evident about her is all the amazing comments I heard about her backstage. Typically, I am walking into the shows and watching all the work behind the scenes; but this time I was a receiver of all the beauty the show had to offer. Some of my model friends made remarkable comments about her demeanor, poise, and professionalism. It was pleasant to hear of an icon with so much experience and she makes celebrity status in my book. There were positive vibes from all the models who worked the glamorous fundraiser event. Not only did Susanne and the other emerging designers gave us an experience; they also were some of the most down to earth people with supporting cast and fans. The models all came down stairs, centered in the lobby museum space, carefully with garments covering their heads, long dresses, and high heels for both genders. The concentration was high, but the mood was staggering and fierce. As they got on the floor and made their way around the maze of a runway through the audience, elevated platforms were placed all around for their permanent positions. Each designer came down one right after another. I was spinning around every 5 seconds to catch all the designs around me. It was quick, but it was purposeful. The opportunities after the main event allowed me to get a closer look to each of the designers work. I was mesmerized by the level of creativity of each and every model. I was very happy to see my familiar friends from Tribeca Salons enjoying the event after providing dazzling hair and make-up.

Featured Designers: 

BabyLove’s Latex by Renee Masoomian | Casey Caldwell | Ben Copperwheat | Veritée Hill | LACTIC Incorporated | Muffinhead | SSIK by Kristina KISS |


Tampa Museum of Art presenting through November 12, 2017:

Susanne Bartsch: Art-a-Porter presents the couture designs and looks worn by Susanne Bartsch, New York City’s famed “Queen of the Night.” The exhibition highlights her celebrated career in fashion, from her early days as a boutique owner in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood to her legendary parties in New York City’s underground club scene.


Special thanks to my good friend Todd Edwards, with the Tampa Art Museum, for my invitation to this uniquely inspiring fashion and art event.